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Since starting in 2006, FastTrack Software has grown on the international success of both Automation Studio and Admin By Request products. Headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark, FastTrack Software has offices and representation around the world including USA, EMEA and Far East & Australasia.

About FastTrack Scripting Host (FSH.EXE)

FastTrack Scripting Host was first developed by FastTrack Software, around 2006 to ease the administration burden of IT System Administrators on Windows networks.

Since 2006 FSH.EXE has evolved into a lean and increasingly powerful scripting platform. It has been adopted by some of the worlds largest and well known brands, such as NOAA, Kawasaki, Disney, The Red Cross, and Goodyear. More customer success stories can be found in our dedicated testimonial section.

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Product idea

The idea for the product came from founder and President of FastTrack Software, Lars Pedersen, who has a background in systems administration. Previously with Telenor, Denmark’s major telephone company, Pedersen performed various roles in systems administration, programming and web development. He also worked as a consultant and developer on several major projects at various companies in Europe. Dissatisfied from his own experiences and frustrations administering Windows networks, Pederson looked for a way to make life easier for system administrators. In particular, he wanted something that could minimise the amount of time needed each day to perform routine and mundane tasks, which was a waste of time and expertise that should have been committed to other projects.

Leading a small team of developers, Pedersen developed FastTrack Scripting Host to simplify and automate the routine tasks of system administrators. The resulting product is definitely a scripting language, but it can be used intuitively like a programming language, without requiring users to learn syntax or other concepts typically associated with programming languages.

FastTrack Scripting Host Timeline

The first version was produced in June 2006 and contained 51 components, which are the commands, functions, conditions and collections that make up FastTrack Automation Studio & our Admin By Request solution. The following timeline summarises dates and components for major releases.