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  Though much of what FastTrack does can be achieved by using VBScript or PowerShell, there’s no doubt that FastTrack is faster in initial coding and testing. The product also provides some useful workarounds for problems that are specific to the kind of scripting tasks that systems administrators commonly undertake. The development environment uses a drag-and-drop interface to build code, with helpful descriptions of syntax and function at the bottom of the main window.

Russell Smith, IT Pro

  We found the FastTrack syntax to be more transparent and easier to learn than PowerShell – the editor in particular provided good support in this regard. FastTrack offers a large number of options for graphical elements, which cannot be realized at all with PowerShell or other solutions.

Christian Knermann, IT-Administrator (Product Review)


 We have been using FastTrack to replace our old logon scripts with simpler and more flexible FastTrack ones. It has also proven a great product for our Help Desk to create new users and make other AD changes without direct access to our AD. We are going to implement FastTrack’s Outlook signatures next to target customers with current campaigns. The FastTrack support team has been really helpful too.

Niels Lynge, Toyota

 This product could easily give Desktop Authority a solid run for its money. Our new great login script removed the need for a product like Desktop Authority. I have been able to replace about 300 lines of Kixtart code with 50 of FastTrack and to phase out AutoMate, which saves us money on annual renewals. FastTrack provides us with a great script engine whose clear and concise scripts are easy to understand.

Paul Kramer, Kawasaki (Motor manufacturing- USA)

 Even in a company that had other scripting solutions and experience, FastTrack reduced our overhead with their massive library of commands and drastically reduced the density of code needed. It encourages consistency and quality with its simple syntax and GUI-based editing and the result fits into any deployment strategy.

Although FastTrack stands on its own, we already had another product for software distribution and found that adding FastTrack scripting is what we needed to realize the full potential of our investment.

Not only is their first-class support exceptionally helpful and responsive, but they have shown interest in developing custom features to accommodate specific needs since day one of the trial period.

Chris Pierce, Bon Secours (Health Care – USA)

 We are using FastTrack for Outlook signatures, because it is the only product that gives our signatures a uniform and perfect look between Gmail, iPhone, Android and Office 365. Thanks to their extremely responsive support team we were able to achieve exactly what we wanted that could not be accomplished with other products.

Mark McNicholas, BFG (Branding and Merchandise – USA)

 FastTrack has been a terrific addition to our IT Admin tool shed. It has opened up areas of control and manipulation that we would never have thought about, prior to using it. Its intuitive interface and granular intricacies combine for a powerful yet streamlined app that supports our daily IT tasks. And to top it off, FastTrack’s support is responsive and personal.

Marty McNab – Port of Newcastle (Australia)

 The name FastTrack is well chosen and it is more than a claim. Coding with this tool is so fast and efficient. I wrote a 10 line script to check which PC’s were off-line for more than 90 days and another 10 line script to check these PC’s against my inventory for re-using Microsoft OPEN licences. It’s just amazing! Value for money and support is also outstanding.

Roland Peler, Feron (Industrial Products – Germany).

 I am completely blown away by this product. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a well-crafted and complete product. Your product is so easy to use and documentation is simply exceptional. We can tell that you care. Thank you.

Heine Black, GLS (Logistics – Europe)

 Since implementing FastTrack, I have not been able to stop finding tasks to automate. With administrators spread out geographically, I use FastTrack to automate routine tasks so each office performs the task the same way every time. The simple GUI makes creating and testing scripts fast, flexible and easy. Tech support is very responsive and outstanding at fast implementation of feature requests. I highly recommend FastTrack to every IT pro I know.

Mark McGaughey, Brady Martz & Assoc. (Accountants – USA).

 In the past, we often had to develop small applications with .net for special administrative tasks or customize the way our users are working. Now, asking users for input and execute something, querying databases, publishing applications or creating users is much easier using FastTrack. We are also using it to customize vdi images with pre image scripts and manage terminal server farms.

Mark Moennikes, KKRN (Private Hospitals – Germany)

 Before buying FastTrack we had been using Wise Package Editor for many years. At some point we faced the problem that this software was outdated and above all not fully compatible with the 64-bit environment. We tested a lot of software, but yours was really the one which met all of our requirements and needs for MSI and EXE building.

Vincent Thomas, NRB (IT Services – Belgium)

 We chose FastTrack to automate all our business processes in our hosting center, as it is very easy to work with. We wouldn’t be able to create this internally with VBScript, Powershell or KiXtart. With little effort and no upfront FastTrack knowledge, we have been able to automate all our core business processes within a couple of days.

Jacob Romer, Montes (Data Center – Denmark)

 We are in a business with many IT challenges and what we appreciate the most is the simplicity of FastTrack and that it simply allows us to do what we need. We were particularly impressed when we added a single script line to the logon script, which now gives us a complete inventory of all the hardware and software.

Bo Brunedal, GLT (Wood Industry – Sweden)

 Thanks to FastTrack commands like SyncDir, we can mirror complex data between our various offices despite slow WAN links. FastTrack then sends emails with results, so we can monitor it. No other program can solve this so easily – thanks!

Claes Bergström, CRF (Energy – Sweden)

 I tried a number of scripting tools, but it became clear pretty early that FastTrack was going to be the quickest way to get up and running. I’m still amazed how few script lines I actually needed to do the job. Nice work.

Jens Sorensen, Symantec (Software – USA)

 We started out with the suite to implement direct IP printing for all our field offices, which are over 600 locations in 32 states, used in excess of 7000 computers. With the software you can literally be delivering configuration and management tools in minutes. Their support team is very efficient and responsive. I have been in IT for over 25 years and their support I would have to say is world class.

Richard Scott, Aspen Dental (USA)