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FastTrack Script: Our commands, your commandments!

11th July 2019

How to use FastTrack Script to make a useful, quick to deploy ‘corporate commandments’ system to serve your company terms & conditions to staff Read more

Helping help-desks help, without letting them help themselves to your AD!

2nd May 2019

Help Desk : Our portable, customisable AD management launcher! A much-overlooked feature of our Automation Studio product is our extremely handy Active Directory management ‘Help Desk’ app. The app is written completely in our FastTrack Script language (fully open for you to view and tweak) and enables the IT Administrator… Read more

FastTrack takes the gamble out of where your print job goes!

28th March 2019

“I Saw Her Standing There” (by the wrong printer) Not long ago a customer came to us with a bit of a problem, which when we broke it down, kind of reminded me of one of those ‘If Billy had 1 pint of water, a 1Kg bag of marbles of… Read more

Sign Off Socially with FastTrack Outlook Signatures!

26th March 2019

FastTrack & Outlook – Your Low Cost Advertising Amigos! When most people think of running a social media marketing campaign, they instantly reach for mass email marketing campaigns, social page interactions (posts, likes etc.) and of course emptying their wallets into online ads. It’s highly likely however, that they’ve missed… Read more

Three Outlook Signature Solutions: Every One’s A Winner!

25th March 2019

It’s been six years since we added Outlook Signature design and deployment commands to our Automation Studio product, and today this functionality is still one of the most popular reasons people buy it. If you are in the processing of taking our free trial, then this blog should come in… Read more

Freeze! You need Automation Studio for “soft power” IT management!

22nd March 2019

It’s not always right to chuck your users in GPO Jail for everything…. (..and why the best Administrators usher them in calmly, and leave the cell door open) It’s tough being an I.T. Systems Admin. On the one hand, you need to ensure that you assemble some form of order… Read more

Automation Studio Outlook Signature Cloud Banners: Make every email sell your story!

21st March 2019

Five reasons why running advertising creatives on your email signatures is a great idea: Market your organisations products and services on every email your entire organisation sends out Automatically keep your existing customers up to date on your latest offers Empower marketing to create and manage campaign creatives outside of… Read more

FastTrack Automation Studio puts your OneDrive on the map

20th March 2019

Is OneDrive Driving You Nuttier Than Beorn’s Honey Nut Cake? As master of your I.T. domain, just as you relax having thwarted the army of USB drive wielding hordes from Finance, all of a sudden, the Witch-king of Angmar sticks his head round your door with a request for Office… Read more

Local Admin Elevation 3 ways

Local Admin Rights Elevation, Served Three Ways!

12th March 2019

Version 6 of Admin By Request brings with it a rather ‘tasty’ new functionality which enables ‘per app’ elevations using the traditional ‘run as administrator’ method which most users are familiar with. So with the launch of ‘run as’ functionality, we thought it would be a good time to dish… Read more

Human Rights image

Local Admin: How To Revoke Without Revolt!

11th March 2019

You replaced their Simpsons desktop wallpaper with corporate messaging. You blocked them from checking Kim Kardashians Facebook page. Candy Crush got… crushed. Being the IT professional in charge of your organisations desktop security, your policies are about as popular as an unexpected Windows 10 update. That said, there is a… Read more

Admin By Request Sub Settings and Portal User Scopes Feature

8th March 2019

If you are ‘scoping out’ a Local Admin rights management solution, Admin By Request hits the bullseye! Read more

Spot the difference with FastTrack Inventory

29th January 2019

We use FastTrack Inventory to audit the PC’s within an organisation to help them determine where problems exist. Audit software, hardware, OS, geo mapping and more… Read more

ABR & CyberEssentials

Tick Tock, Tick Tick! Cyber Essentials Privilege Management In No Time!

9th January 2019

We demonstrate how our Admin By Request Privilege Management System is a great choice for any business needing to meet the UK Cyber Essentials standard Read more

FastTrack Printer Menu

FastTrack Automation Studio: putting dynamic printer deployment on the menu!

6th December 2018

A step by step guide from a real life project where Automation Studio was used to build a simple but powerful printer deployment app Read more

FT more you like blog

Fasttrack Automation Studio: The more you learn the more you like!

6th December 2018

FastTrack Softwares Jeff Jones demonstrates how you can leverage just a few of FastTracks 1,500 powerful commands to create a highly customised Office 365 drive mapping solution Read more