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Admin By Request

Cloud Inventory is the Inventory and Asset Management Solution component of our cloud-based service. It can be set up in minutes and requires absolutely no additional infrastructure.

  • Full Inventory and Asset Management Solution with Geo IP Tracking
  • Enabled via single checkbox via Logon Script Configuration
  • Enables centralised audit of all desktop and server assets
  • Shows hardware, software & AD user details with data export, reporting and filtering

The encrypted inventory enables you to view and run reports on:

Filterable view of all audited computers, Software, Hardware, Administrators and Cloud Jobs (various exports to PDF, XLS, CSV, RTF).

Example computer inventory screen

If you ‘zoom in’ to Computer level view, you will notice the asset unique QR code. Attach this to the physical asset to make physical ID/ asset reconcile easier.

Computer name, logged in user name, domain, OU, Computer type, Teamviewer ID System install date, hardware manufacturer, Model, Serial Number FSH version CPU type, Speed, Disk Size, Disk Free, Disk Status, RAM Geographic location city, region and country (link to Google maps) Operating System, Architecture and Service Pack / Build Public IP address, IP Hostname, Private IP, MAC address, network speed Primary monitor resolution and number of monitors.

Example Software inventory screen

In the software inventory section, you get a breakdown of what has been installed. Version number, install date, size and architecture for each application running on that system.

Example hardware screen

You can also quickly see what Active Directory user and computer groups are linked with the system itself and the user logged into it. Write notes, plus add a custom ‘Tag’ to each system for use with Cloud Jobs which can be assigned on Tag membership.