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Admin By Request

The Admin By Request mobile app is a free supplement to your portal login. You can do the same things – and more – using your portal login, but the mobile app makes data much more accessible to you. Use the mobile app on a daily basis and only use the portal to extract extended data, configure settings or administrate user logins.


You can see data from administrator sessions on clients in the audit log. Audit log is also available in the mobile app, where it is easy to identify potential violations by simply scrolling through the list.

The user must supply a reason for the administrator need, unless the feature is disabled. The user is also presented with a Codes of Conduct screen (if configured) explaining penalty for mis-use.

In the first Admin By Request mobile app screenshot below, Eva Ward installed Visual Studio, which is consistent with the reason, she gave. But she installed the licensed version. If the company hasn’t licensed visual studio, this might be worth investigating.

When clicking on a line, a detailed screen will appear. The details screen shows all administrator session data, including the reason the user supplied, which software was installed or uninstalled and which applications were run UAC elevated. In the last screenshot above, we can see that Payton supplied the reason as a need to install Adobe Reader, and this is in fact consistent with, what she actually did.


If you have approval mode on in the Admin By Request mobile app, your pending, approved and denied requests will appear under the “Requests” bottom menu until the request times out (after a week) or the session is started. If you click a row and go into the details view, you can approve or deny the request.

New approval requests

The second a user hits the request submit button on a client, your phone(s) will get a real-time push notification, as shown on an iPhone below. If your iPhone has 3D touch, you will see the third screenshot below right away. If not, you have to swipe left and click “View” first. On Android, the message is similar and does not require the same unlocking to press the Approve or Deny button. Your push messages will also appear on a paired Apple watch in real-time.

If approved right away, the user receives an email notification, therefore delay for approval for the end user can be limited to seconds. If multiple approvers approve or deny the same request, it’s on a first come, first serve basis. You can see in the details view, who approved or denied a request. You can also set up email notification in the portal, in case some approvers do not use the app. These approvers will then receive an email link directly to the portal page to approve requests.

Server sessions

If you have licensed the Server edition of Admin By Request, you will see a bottom menu named “Server Sessions” in the Admin By Request mobile app. This list is similar to the auditlog, except that it shows data on administrator sessions on servers.

Setting up users

When you log into the portal, there is a top menu named “Logins”. Here you can create more user accounts with different roles. You can decide, for each user, if they can view the auditlog and/or approve requests. An IT manager could get an auditlog access, which in reality would be a read-only view of what’s going on.

iPad view

If you use the Admin By Request mobile app on an iPad to view data or approve requests, the app adapts to your iPad view both horizontally and vertically.