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Admin By Request is hosted entirely on Microsoft Azure. This allows us to live up to customer expectations for compliance and to scale indefinitely. Our service is trusted by well-known customers such as Red Cross, Toyota, Komatsu and departments of the US government.

GDPR Compliance

Please refer to our global site Data Processing Agreement and Privacy Statement.



As a licensed customer, you will receive a main login from us. With this login, you can create other logins with limited access, such as access for an auditor. A login also grants rights to see the same data in the mobile app. For all users, you can enable two factor authentication.


We use Azure web servers in multiple continents, to make sure we provide great performance anywhere in the world and to make sure the portal is always up.

Service Level Agreement

Our web servers are located in the same Azure Availability Set in each continent. An Azure Availability Set is a guarantee that Microsoft will not take web servers down for maintenance at the same time. Microsoft guarantees a 99.95% up time in each continent in this set up:

Denial of service protection

The portal is protected from distributed denial of service by Azure DDos protection. Refer to the document below for more information:


Where we store your data

We use Azure SQL to store your data. We store the data in Azure SQL in Europe and California. If you are based in USA or Canada, your data in located in California. If you are everywhere else in the world, the data is stored in Azure SQL in Europe.

How we back up your data

Data is geo replicated to the opposite Azure SQL location to ensure backup, fail-over and disaster recovery. Microsoft backs up Azure SQL and guarantees an Azure SQL restore is possible from any minute of the day for at least 7 days backwards. We also do a daily cold storage backup, in case of a complete Microsoft failout.

What data the inventory collects

The inventory collects basic hardware data, operating system, user and computer domain and OU, installed software on clients, local administrator accounts, computer and user groups and ip address. In case of GDPR concerns, you can disable the inventory entirely or disable collection of user name, account name, email address and phone number.

What administrator session data we collect

When a user has completed an administrator session, we collect computer name, duration, installed and uninstalled software, UAC elevated programs, reason for administrator need, user’s account name, full name, email address and phone number. You can disable collection of user name, email address and phone number.

How we send data

The data communication between the client and the cloud service is through our load balancer IP using port 443 (HTTPS). The data itself is further encrypted using a 256 bit encryption on top of the SSL encryption to protect against Man-in-the-middle attacks by a person who has physical access to the client using a program like Fiddler.

Service Level Agreement

The service level agreement for Azure SQL is 99.99%. In case of a failure, geo replication will automatically fail-over to the opposite continent.