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Social Media banners

Local Network Outlook Signature Banners

Azure AD Email Signature Attributes

vCard and Meeting Signatures

Cloud Hosted Email Signature Banners

AD Integration Key Feature

User Details Self Update Form

Outlook Signature Logon Script Deployment

Social Media Icons

Identify those ‘star players’ in your staff that deserve their own personal social media handles so their popularity, boosts yours. Deploying personal links to a subset could be a headache, and look ugly if not done right, but not with FastTrack.

Simply create save a new copy of your generic template and assign this to whatever groups you want. These users will now be able to personalise their own handles – whilst still perfectly adhering to your corporate look and feel. Ensuring compliance with social media icon guidelines too!

  • Easily add official social media icons to email signatures
  • Design and deploy custom icons for intranet accounts
  • Increase customer awareness of your social media feeds
  • Can be set for entire company accounts or individuals

Local Network Outlook Signature Banners

Our Network Banner feature enables the creation of specially placed images and links within your company’s email signatures. In providing what is free advertising, isn’t it time your company benefited from the enhanced reach of placing visual messaging on internal and external email communication?

  • Place marketing creatives under existing email signatures
  • Creatives and links can be added / edited by Marketing without signature template changes
  • Option to schedule appearance of creative between set dates
  • Multiple creatives rotated at login
  • Creative & hyperlinks taken from local network resource

Azure AD Email Signature Attributes

If your company has migrated to Office 365 with Azure AD, then it’s likely you would want to take advantage of having your user attribute data on Azure AD. This can be read centrally, whether the user is working in the office, or from home, and without a VPN connection.

FastTrack simply needs to be told of your AzureAD setup, and from here, Azure Attributes will be read instead of those from your local on premise network logon server. In some cases IT managers still want to make use of FastTracks network logon function for on premises use, but still take Outlook Signature attributes from the cloud. This is easy to configure also so you can achieve the perfect hybrid setup.

  • Enables the use of Azure AD hosted user attributes
  • User attributes available to all users, even those outside company network
  • Can be used in conjunction of ‘on premise’ login scripts for ‘Hybrid’ setups

vCard and Meeting Signatures

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to send an Outlook Signature on a meeting request? With the current version of Outlook (2016) this is still not possible. With FastTrack, you can enable this by checking a tickbox in the users Outlook Signature settings.

In addition to this, FastTrack can generate vCards and add them as attachments to outgoing emails that use that particular signature. It’s possible the user may have multiple signatures, or perhaps they have just created one specifically for sending vcards!

  • Automatically generate vCards containing your personal details as attachments to outgoing emails
  • Extends outlook signature functionality to meeting requests (Outlook add on required)

Cloud Hosted Email Signature Banners

Like our Network Banner feature, Cloud Banners also enables the creation of specially placed images and links within your company’s email signatures. The key difference with Cloud Banners is that your creatives are stored in the cloud and as such are accessible where your Outlook users can not connect to a local network share. As images are cloud hosted, the use of them can also be tracked, enabling ‘ad tracking’ type functionality on your Cloud Banner email creatives.

  • Place marketing creatives under existing email signatures
  • Creatives can be added / edited by Marketing via our Cloud Banner portal
  • Multiple campaign creatives rotated at login
  • Linked creatives can provide a certain amount of tracking data

AD Integration Key Feature

FastTrack’s Outlook Signature solution integrates and runs on top of your existing Microsoft Active Directory deployment. So there is no additional infrastructure required to set it up, and replicate all functionality around your entire company no matter how large or small it is.

  • Reads user attribute data from Active Directory
  • No requirement for additional database of user details
  • No requirement for any additional software / connectors for AD integration
  • IT Helpdesk easily able to update user details via our ‘Help Desk’ application

User Details Self Update Form

Why not let your users correct the data in the signature without enabling them to change its design? There is not a company in the entire world that has 100% accurate data on each employee because it generally always changes (new mobile numbers, positions, addresses etc). If you are managing big networks, it makes sense to enable users to correct this information themselves. It will save the IT Helpdesk a huge number of trivial calls – diverting them from more important, perhaps business critical tasks.

  • Enable users to fill in / replace their personal details via simple form
  • No requirement for IT to compile & manage list of user names / details
  • Accelerates signature deployment in large networks
  • Personally set details via form can be reset back to AD attribute if required

Outlook Signature Logon Script Deployment

When deployed in conjunction with FastTracks powerful network login script solution, IT Administrators are able to quickly and easily push multiple custom Outlook Signatures to all staff. Without the requirement to add any additional infrastructure to setup, or manage.

  • Deploys Outlook Signatures using logon scripts alone
  • No client software/ Outlook add-ins required
  • Scales alongside active directory
  • Deploy to thousands of clients across multiple sites instantly
  • Set signatures based on multiple AD group, OU, network or many other conditions