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If you need help with our FastTrack Automation Studio or Admin By Request products, here’s how we can help get your questions answered quickly!

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Our UK number is: +44 20 3808 8747

 support@fasttrackscript.co.uk OR use our contact form


How do I get started?

Click the “Download” page from the menu above and follow the link to register for an ABR trial. You will get a login, where you download an MSI file to install on your test computers. Then go to “My Account” to make configurations and/or “My Computers” to find your clients. If you later license the product, we will simply upgrade your account from trial to licensed. 

What happens to the local administrators group, when I install the client?

If the computer is in a domain, Domain Users will be removed from the local administrators group right away. That is all that happens initially. When a user then logs on, the user will be removed from the local administrators group, if the user is an explicit member (not through a group). The reason all users are not just removed right away is to only remove accounts that are actually interactive user accounts. 

What happens to the local administrators group, when I uninstall the client?

In licensed mode, nothing happens. In trial mode, revoked accounts will be put back in the local administrators group. 

How can I prevent users from temparing the software and become permanent administrator?

The administrators group will be snapshotted before the session start and restored after session end. If the user tries to add other users or groups to the administrators group, these will simply be removed at the end of the session. If the user tried to uninstall Admin By Request during a session, Windows Installer will show an error message saying that Admin By Request cannot be uninstalled during an active session. 

How can we keep some domain users as local administrators?

Domain groups other than Domain Users are not removed from the local administrators group. This means that if a domain user logs on and is member of domain group that is in the local administrators group (for example a Help Desk domain group) the user is always local administrator. 

Do I need to approve each and every time a user wants administrator access?

No. You can use a setting under “My Account” to allow elevation without approval. In this case, you still get the benefits of auditing who elevated when and you still have a log of installed software. 

I have legacy applications that prevent us from removing users from the local admins group. How to handle that?

You can distribute a policy key for each application that needs to run as administrator and thereby void the need for users to be permanent administrators. If this policy is set for the exe file, elevation happens automatically for this application only, regardless of other settings. Refer to the Policies top menu for more information. 

What if I need more complex group/OU rules?

You can overrule settings using Group Policy Objects, which would allow you to have different policies for different users or computers. Refer to the Policies top menu for more information. 

What if my company does not allow any data in the cloud?

You can disable the cloud service (this web site) entirely and control everything by Group Policy Objects. Using an “Offline Mode” policy disables inventory and configuration and then all configuration must be done using policies. Anything you can do under “My Account”, you can do with policies. Refer to the Policies top menu for more information. 

Is an internet connection required?

Yes and no. If the client has internet, the client can check, if you have approved the administrator request. If the client does not have an internet connection, you need to give the PIN code to the user for offline elevation. A PIN code is good for the current day and will change daily. Once the client gets internet, auditing data will be uploaded. If autoapproval is set by policies, an internet is never required. 

Does it consume internet connection bandwidth?

Yes, but only marginal. Elevation request are very small. Inventory data will consume about 25 kilobytes of internet bandwidth per month. Or said another way – 1000 computers will upload only 25 megabytes of data per month. This low consumption is possible because data is sent only once a day and only when there are changes. If there was no software installed or removed from the previous day for example, no software data is uploaded. In addition, the data is compressed. 

Can a third party get my inventory data?

No. data is encrypted and compressed. It can only happen, if you give your logon credentials to someone else. 

Should I be concerned about performance impact on my machines?

No. When you do not use the application, it does not consume any resources at all. 

How can you possibly know where my computers are?

When data is sent to the server, it happens over HTTPS. The IP address of the sender’s NAT router is part of the protocol and this information is cross-referenced to internet service provider (ISP) registration data. The expected accuracy is at a city level. 

Can it help me with stolen computers?

Yes. You get the public IP address of the thief’s router. The client does not require anyone to log on to a computer to upload data, so when the thief turns on the computer, the inventory data is sent transparently. You can now see the public IP address and upload time in your client view and give to the police. The police can then get the name and address of the IP address owner from the thief’s internet service provider (ISP). 

What happens when I delete a computer?

The collected data associated with the computer is deleted. If the computer then turns out to be alive after all, the computer will show up again next time it uploads inventory data.


Can you quickly explain key components of what makes up FastTrack Automation Studio?

FastTrack Automation Studio is a desktop application developed by FastTrack Software, a 14 day fully functioning free trial of which is downloadable from our website. The ‘studio’ application contains a tile based launcher application which presents a collection of wizards which are used to deploy native functionality enabled by our powerful FSH (FastTrack Scripting Host) executable. You simply install the studio package on a management PC, and depending on the type of functionality you require, the FSH.EXE executable will either be copied to a network location (logon scripts), rolled into an MSI file (EXE to MSI), application to install Outlook Signatures on PCs, or any script. FastTrack Automation Studio also contains a powerful Script Editor, which enables you to edit and create your own custom scripts and applications.

I’ve not heard of FastTrack / FastTrack Automation before – how long have you been going and who are your customers?

Version 1 of our product was released in June 2006, containing 51 components at launch. Since then the number of commands has grown steadily to over 1,500 today in version 12. We have placed many of our customer testimonials and press reviews around this website.

Where is FastTrack Software located? Do you have UK based support?
FastTrack Software has its head office in Aalborg, Denmark, and also has representation in the UK, USA, Germany, Sweden. In the UK we have a team of three dedicated staff based out of Woking, Surrey.
What are the system requirements for FastTrack Automation Studio?

The desktop ‘studio’ package requires Windows 7 / Windows server 2008R2 and above. The executable which is deployed from studio is fully ‘portable’ and as such can run on very old versions of Windows such as Windows XP. If you are using FastTrack for Logon Scripts and you need to write configuration changes to your NETLOGON directory, you will need to run FastTrack Automation studio with a user that has domain administrator or equivalent permissions.

How is your product licensed?

FastTrack Automation Studio is licensed on a per user annual subscription model. Users are counted as those that run our FSH.EXE executable – not your total company size. If you are using Active Directory, there are no limits on the number of servers in your active directory – we only count executing users – not servers.

We have a company of 3,000 staff, situated over 5 offices in three different countries, all with their own server / infrastructure. If we want all our users over multiple sites to be licensed, how many licenses would we need?

As mentioned above, we only count users, no servers, or sites. You could have 50 offices, with a single user in each office, and you would still only pay for 50 licenses.

I have used the Outlook Signature designer in the Automation Studio package to create Outlook Signatures. How many copies of Automation Studio can we run in our organisation?

You can run as many copies of Automation Studio (including the Outlook Signature designer, Script editor) as you have user licenses. We do not charge extra for this.

Do I need internet access for FastTrack Automation Studio / functionality to run?

There are some useful components to FastTrack Automation Studio which require internet access such as configuration backup and our audit and inventory solution, but these need to be switched on by the user, so are totally optional. If you are using functionality such as our Office 365 OneDrive For Business drive mapper then of course you will need Internet access to this. So unless the feature you are using requires Internet connectivity, FastTrack does not.

I would like to do ‘x’ with FastTrack Automation Studio, but I can not seem to find out if or how to do this. What should I do?

First recommendation is get hold of us on the live chat and ask us what functionality you are after. The product has grown organically over the years and we are always adding new functionality. Generally it’s simply a cause of us providing you with some custom scripting. In some cases we have developed new capabilities into the product specifically on the request of one customer.

Your product seems highly capable and has a lot of features. However we only need the one single feature. Do we need to pay for all the other features, even if we don’t want / need them?

FastTrack is a scripting platform with over 1,500 native commands (features) built in. So it’s a bit like saying you want to buy a SQL server, but only want to pay for the use of the SELECT command! Many of our native functionalities overlap like Office 365 OneDrive For Business and SmartDock for scheduled re-running logon scripts (essential for OneDrive mapping in VDI environments). That said there are some functionalities of FastTrack like EXE to MSI, Cloud Inventory, and Outlook Signatures which we can sell ‘stand alone’.